Patriotic Tributes for Memorial Day

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell

There are few days of the calendar year that carry more significance than Memorial Day.  And although many see the holiday as a day off for barbecues and get-togethers, taking the time to honor the sacrifices of brave patriots who have gone before us is a great way to begin the day. Whether to adorn a grave site – or to send a floral arrangement to a family still mourning a loss – you can rely on the experts at Breen’s Florist to design and deliver Memorial Day flowers and patriotic tributes which properly recognize and honor them.  Continue reading

Celebrate Memorial Day with Flowers

memorial dayOur professional florists at Breen’s Florist can help you observe Memorial Day with beautifully patriotic bouquets designed to help you honor the holiday. Observed each year on the last Monday in May, many consider Memorial Day the first long weekend set aside to mark the beginning of summer, and they celebrate with backyard barbecues and neighborhood block parties. While everyone loves a party, the holiday’s true intention is one of reverence and reflection, a day of observance in honor of the nation’s fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day celebrations have deep roots with accounts of fallen soldiers being honored with graveside markers and decorations dating back to the beginning of recorded history, but observances similar to those we practice today first caught on soon after the American Civil War, when women in both the north and south volunteered to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers in springtime. General John A. Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic standardized the holiday in 1865, issuing a proclamation which announced that Decoration Day would be celebrated nationwide on May 30th. This date was selected because it fell on no battle’s anniversary and also occurred during a time of year when flowers are abundantly available. Over time, people gradually began referring to the holiday as Memorial Day rather than Decoration Day and its name was officially changed in 1967.

memorial day


Today, we still observe Memorial Day near the end of May. In national military cemeteries and across the nation, communities and families come together to observe Memorial Day by honoring fallen soldiers and showing our appreciation of their sacrifices with parades, flag ceremonies, speeches, and of course by decorating graves with photos, patriotic banners, ribbons, and flowers. Elegant floral arrangements designed specially for Memorial Day, like our Patriotic Salute bouquet, feature red, white, and blue flowers including roses, daisies, carnations, and delphinium.

Our experts at Breen’s Florist are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect patriotic floral arrangements to commemorate and thank a soldier from your community who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.