The Perfect Flowers for Your Easter Sunday

Flowers are the perfect option for Easter.

Whether you’re hoping to brighten someone’s day, celebrate your faith or give your loved one a gift that won’t rot their teeth, flowers are the perfect answer for Easter. Not only is Easter a fantastic holiday that is celebrated throughout the Christian faith, it also marks the beginning of spring. And, what better way to celebrate spring than with beautiful flowers? If you’re looking for the perfect flowers to commemorate Easter and welcome in the spring, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of some of the best flowers for Easter Sunday.

Easter Lily

You can’t mention Easter flowers without talking about the Easter lily. In mythology, it is said that Easter lilies first grew where the blood of Christ fell to the ground as he was hanging on the cross. These lilies were also said to have grown on Jesus’s tomb. These stunning white lilies symbolize purity, hope and love, which make them perfect for both Easter and spring.


While tulips are annuals in some climates, in other climates, they are perennials. Perennial tulips are some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and when they rise up from the ground, it’s almost as if they are rising from the dead. This is one of the more obvious reasons why tulips are an ideal flower for Easter, and they also symbolize belief, passion and love, which makes them even more important for that special day.

Easter Cactus

The Easter Cactus sprouts beautiful, red blossoms that appear just around Easter time in the Northern Hemisphere. The sheer fact that Easter cactus blossoms in the spring makes it easy to understand why these flowers are perfect for Easter, but they also are a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.


There are many legends and myths that tie daisies to Easter. In one, daisies originally sprang from the ground from the tears of the Virgin Mary, when she wept as Jesus was crucified. Another legend tying daisies to Jesus says that the wise men who followed the North Start to find Jesus were able to find the right stable because the daisies growing around it resembled the star they followed to get there. They are also perfect for both Easter and spring because they symbolize innocence, purity, loyalty and gentleness.


Like many of the flowers we’ve talked about, the legend of the origin of daffodils is also rooted in Easter. The legend says that Jesus was comforted by the first daffodil, which appeared in the garden of Gethsemane right before he was taken away for crucifixion. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, which is the epitome of both Easter and the spring season.


Hyacinths are the perfect spring flower. They bloom early in the spring, and they come in a variety of beautiful colors associated with Easter, including white, pink, yellow and many different shades of purple. Hyacinths symbolize play and sport, and what’s the first thing most of us do in those initial warm, sunny days of spring? We get outside and play!

Let us help you celebrate Easter and welcome in the spring with the perfect flowers!

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Exquisite Easter Floral Designs

Easter Floral Designs

The legendary impressionist artist Claude Monet once said, “I must have flowers, always and always!” The indisputable master was continually inspired by the sheer beauty of nature, and we understand his passion. After all, the floral designers at Breen’s Florist find the same muse in the beautiful spring flowers we work with. We are excited to unveil our gorgeous and unique Easter floral designs which showcase spectacular flowers and innovative designs. Your Easter decor has never been so inspired!  Continue reading

Breen’s Florist – Easter Flowers

easter flowersEvery flower is unique and special, and each family’s Easter tradition has differences as well. Whether your Easter includes a religious observance, or you plan on spending the day hunting for Easter eggs, there is no question that everyone holds the holiday in a special place. It seems however we celebrate, and whatever our customs – flowers are always a meaningful part of it.


There are many flowers that have come to symbolize springtime, and by extension, the Easter holiday. The most commonly associated flower to Easter is the white lily; the magnificent blossom is thought to signify divinity and renewal, it is closely tied to the biblical Resurrection story. The crocus is known to be the first heralder of the new season, the adventurous blooms often poke up through snow and frost, seemingly impatient for the beginning of spring. The daffodil is also one of the first flowers that appears in the spring; its sunny demeanor and warm vibrant hue make it one of the most popular blooms to give and receive during the Easter season.

easter flowers

Spring is all about the colors, and the Easter palettes range from pastels to vibrant. Whatever the hue, however, seasonal spring flowers are gorgeous, exciting, vivid and striking. Tulips may be one of the most recognizable flowers of spring, and don’t seem to feel truly at home during any other season. To celebrate all the beauty and hope of the season, accentuate your home décor with this extravagant bouquet of tulips. Whether to greet guests at the front door, or to grace your holiday table – this eye-catching display will impress all who see it.


Spring brings with it fresh outlooks and fresh dreams – make sure to decorate your world with fresh flowers as well. Breen’s Florist is your one stop shop for all your Easter and spring floral needs – as Houston’s premier florist, we look forward to providing you with floral arrangements and bouquets for every occasion.

Flowers and Gifts This Easter

thumbnail-1Easter is only a few days away, which means that people everywhere need to begin looking for some beautiful Easter flowers and arrangements. These flowers are perfect for adding a bit of light to any room, and they easily call to mind the traditional associations of Easter with new life and renewal. Arrangements are perfect for people to get for their own homes to prepare for the upcoming holiday or to give as a gift for the host of this year’s Easter brunch.

At Breen’s Florist, we find that flowers make excellent gifts for this holiday and we love helping our customers find arrangements that fit their needs perfectly. Here are a few arrangements that we particularly enjoy this year.

Violet planter

African violets are beautiful flowers for this time of year and this planter helps take them to the next level. This planter is designed to be contemporary and perfectly complement the lovely colors of the flowers. This planter will look wonderful in both a home or in an office setting and will help call to mind the beauty of the Easter season long after the holiday has passed.

Violet Mania

Violet Mania

Tulip bouquet

Tulips have such a strong association with spring and bring an incredibly rich color that people everywhere love. A tulip arrangement that brings together several different colors of tulips, including yellows, purples, and pinks will be the perfect arrangement to light up the room this Easter holiday.

Spring arrangement with Easter Eggs

One of the most popular activities for people of all ages is an Easter egg hunt. This arrangement offers both a stunning arrangement of yellow, pink, and purple springtime flowers while also including the popular Easter egg hunt. Underneath the flowers is a container of Easter eggs. Some eggs contain candy while one egg in every arrangement will also contain a secret code that can be redeemed for one of many great prizes.

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt

Easter is quickly approaching, which means now is the time for many people to start finding the perfect arrangement to celebrate the holiday. These flowers help bring some beautifully festive colors indoors while calling to mind the Easter symbols of new life and renewal. Those still looking for the perfect arrangement to get their own house in a festive mood, or to give to another person, should consider one of the above options and see which one will fit their needs.