This February Give the Gift of Violets

shutterstock_196566356For those who celebrate birthdays in February, few gifts are more appropriate than the lovely violet. This flower has been appreciated by people for thousands of years for its simple and delicate beauty. It adds a lovely burst of color to any room it enters, making it a fantastic selection for nearly any room in the house, as well as offices and classrooms.

The bloom is also the official birthday flower for this month, making it even more appropriate for loved ones celebrating their special day during February. At Breen’s Florist,we find that many recipients appreciate the atmosphere created by fresh flowers, particularly in the middle of winter. Those looking for the perfect birthday gift this February should take the time to learn about the violet and its symbolism and meaning to see if this gift would work well for them.

The history and symbolism of the violet

From the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the violet has been viewed as a symbol of delicate love and modesty. It was believed to have been used to conceal the nymph companion of the goddess Diana to protect her modesty. In early Christianity, the flower was regularly associated with the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Throughout its spiritual usage, it also began to be associated with faithfulness, wisdom, and humility.

Over the years, violets have begun to take on other meanings as well. In Victorian times, the flower was used to promote modesty and innocence. The flower also was regularly used as the color of royalty, and thus became associated with power and confidence.

Today, the flowers are strongly associated with commitment, such as in a marriage, family, and faithfulness, in addition to many of its ancient associations.

Blooming Garden Basket

Give the gift of violets

We find that violets tend to work wonderfully in arrangements. For example, we offer the violet as a part of our Blooming Garden basket. This lovely gift perfectly combines a number of different colors and styles, including white, pink, purple, and yellow, into a visually appealing garden that any recipient would appreciate. The potted plants will help the birthday celebrant enjoy the gift for months to come, which will help carry them joyfully through the rest of the winter.

We strive to help every gift giver find the perfect arrangement to demonstrate their affection on family member or friend’s special day. We love giving the violet to those celebrating February birthdays and we believe that others will as well.


Always the Perfect gift

central-square-14112684122-1We’ve all been there, that exciting moment just before opening the gift you’ve been dreaming about from your spouse, significant other, or good friend. Did they remember all the ideas you gave them? Did they pick up on all of those subtle hints you’ve been dropping for months? Holding back your excitement you unwrap the box slowly and… “Wow, it’s really… um… unique. Thanks…” Do they know you at all?


Every year more and more people are a victim of that less-than-perfect holiday gift. Everyone knows what it’s like to open that bizarre gift. This holiday season you have the chance to change all of that and bring thoughtful joy to someone’s holiday with flowers. No more unexcited responses, flowers truly are the perfect gift.


thumbnailOrchids and Berries is a stunning vase of all white dendrobium orchids, accented with red berries, cones and cedar foliage. Festive and beautiful, it is sure to put a smile anyone’s face!


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