Exquisite Twilight Roses for National Rose Month

twilight roses

Summertime is special for many reasons, but in the floral world it gives us the opportunity to celebrate one of our very favorite blooms. June is National Rose Month, and at Breen’s Florist we have an extra-special rose to recognize. If you haven’t seen them yet, be ready to be wowed!

Breen’s Exclusive “Twilight” Rose is a unique rose variety which opens up wide and holds for quite a while. It was chosen as our signature rose because of its amazing performance, as well as it’s exquisite coloring. If you’d like to send Twilight Roses to someone special in Houston this summer – the only place to call is Breen’s Florist. Continue reading

New Moon Roses

new moon rosesAt Breen’s Florist, we are dedicated to being more than just your everyday florist. Our floral designers are artists, always looking for new ways to bring beauty to your life through flowers. Whether it be new hybrids or striking and dramatic arrangements, we love surprising our clients. It is in this spirit that we are excited to introduce you to our new signature variety, the New Moon Rose.

new moon rosesRoses are a beloved flower, and purple one of the most regal colors of the spectrum – yet until now, the two didn’t truly coexist. The rare occurrence of purple in nature has given it a reputation for being mysterious and coveted. Throughout history, purple was worn only by royalty, and the color is known to represent wealth, extravagance, wisdom, dignity and grandeur. It is thought to enhance feelings of peace and spirituality and has even been considered magical in many circles. The majority of purple flowers in nature tend towards lilac or lavender, making this rose a truly exotic choice for your loved one.

new moon rosesThe New Moon Rose exhibits the darkest natural purple hue available to date, and the uniqueness of this bloom doesn’t end there. This special variety has been bred to have a trademark pointed petal shape, and the roses are also longer lasting. To add drama to this exquisite rose, the shading at the tips is very dark, almost black. There are only a very small number of select farms growing this rose, making its availability very limited – but Breen’s Florist is thrilled to be able to deliver you this special rose. Who in your life deserves an exclusive bouquet?

new moon rosesBreen’s is making this exclusive rose available this summer in stunning arrangements and artistic designs created by our Houston-based experts. Whether paired with orchids, calla lilies or standing on their own, these displays are just as special as the flower they showcase. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to deliver a masterpiece; be the first to send New Moon Roses from Breen’s Florist.

Roses for June

rosesJune is special for so many reasons.

With school letting out, kids are liberated and looking forward to a long summer. Father’s Day is coming up, and many weddings will take place. In fact, June is one of the most popular months for weddings across the country. The rose also has a very big part to play in June, for three main reasons. The first is connected to all those weddings – roses are often the flower of choice for brides, with the white rose being the most frequent choice. Interestingly, in early history, the white rose was also considered the bloom that represented true love. Although the red rose eventually took over that honor, the white rose bouquet is still an iconic arrangement for wedding ceremonies.

rosesRed roses are the reason for our second reason to celebrate in June. The 12th of the month is set aside as Red Rose Day, observed by gardeners, florists, botanists and garden lovers. This special day is simply to express admiration for the near perfect red rose, which is emblematic of love, passion and all things romantic. Whether you visit a rose garden or give a single red rose to the one you love, surprise them by knowing that June 12th holds such special meaning.

rosesFinally, the rose is the official birth flower of June. Therefore for all your friends, relatives and loved ones celebrating this month, the rose is the right choice! Of course, red or white might not be appropriate for everyone in your life, but never fear. The rose comes in such a wide spectrum of color that the right bouquet is easy to achieve – yellow roses for friendship, pink roses for admiration, orange roses for the excitement of a new relationship or purple to say “I’m enchanted by you!”

rosesWith so many reasons to give roses this month, don’t waste any time – call Breen’s Florist to make sure the perfect rose is ready for your occasion.

A Quick Guide to June Roses

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 2.59.41 PMEach month of the year has an official flower, and anyone with a birthday during the month of June has a rose as their official birth flower. If you have a friend or loved one with a June birthday, you’ll want to get a gift of roses from Breen’s Florist.

What Roses are Given in June?

For the month of June and for anyone who has a birthday, you can choose any shade under the sun for your gift. Yellow roses are a particularly popular offering for June birthdays since they symbolize happiness and joy, which are beautiful sentiments for a birthday gift.


Yellow Roses

One of the fun features is the variety of colors available. If you know someone’s favorite color, there’s probably a rose to match! Maybe your mom loves purple. Imagine an arrangement of pastel hydrangeas surrounding some delicate purple roses.

You can also give any number of roses for your birthday gift. If you have a dear friend at work that you’ve known for years, a small arrangement of twilight roses would be a lovely addition to her desk. If you’ve been married for many years, a beautifully large display of 24 red roses would be a gorgeous and exquisite gift.


Twilight Roses

Why Do We Give Roses in June?

As one of the most popular flowers for gifts, roses are lovely at any time of the year, but they’re very special during the month of June since they’re the official flower. One of the reasons they were chosen as the official flower for June was because they were in bloom during the month which meant they were easier to find for gifts and decorating.

However, it wasn’t until quite recently that they were widely available for everyone to enjoy. Just a few hundred years ago, they were rare and cultivated only by the very rich. Roses were considered so valuable at one time that they were actually used as currency!


Traditional Red Roses

Whether you show up at the door with a bouquet of flowers, or you send them across the country, roses are a fun and elegant birthday gift. If you know someone with a June birthday, make gift shopping easy by giving them a beautiful bouquet.