Floral Secret Santa Gifts that Impress

secret santa

Secret Santa gift exchanges are a great way for offices – or a group of friends – to keep the holiday spirit of giving alive while not spending a lot of money. Without having to buy for everyone, you can concentrate on making one person’s holiday extra special. This year, instead of wandering the mall looking to be inspired, we suggest browsing through Breen’s Florist holiday gift guide. After all, everyone loves receiving flowers!
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Showcase: Beautiful New Floral Designs

Houston floral designs

At Breen’s Florist, we have always been committed to providing you with Houston’s most beautiful floral designs for every occasion. But you may have noticed recently that our website is brighter and better than ever before!

We have been paying attention to what is trending on Pinterest and other social media sites. We have taken into account what you love and what is important to you. And under the guidance of our professional in-house designer, Carly, we’ve created a locally crafted product line – and all of the arrangements on our site are the exact representations of the flowers that you or your loved one will receive. You will love these artistic creations – they are beautiful and innovative, with bold colors and fresh style. The new generation of Houston floral design has arrived!

Houston floral designs

One of our most popular floral designs is Rainbow Bright, which is perfect to send for birthdays, congratulations, get well or just because! A display of gorgeous color will brighten anyone’s day, for any reason.

Another favorite design from our website is New Moon Summer, which exhibits gerberas, roses, and lilies in one of the season’s hottest color palettes – orange, yellow, and hot pink flowers shine as beautifully in person as they do in this photo. Houston floral designs

You don’t require over-complicated bouquets. You want classic, simple, bright and unique floral arrangements that will convey your sincere expressions, Our Simply Stunning bouquet is sleek and elegant; utilizing calla lilies and hydrangea in an artistically dramatic way.
Houston floral design

Breen’s Florist has taken Houston floral design to the next level. We invite you to browse our beautiful new site and get inspired! When you order, you can sit back and relax – you will receive exactly what you see, no substitutions and no surprises. Don’t settle for less when it comes to flowers – call Breen’s Florist today.

Jewish New Year- Rosh Hashanah

Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah is one of the high holy days of the Jewish calendar. Observed the first and second days of Tishri, the holiday is also referred to as the Jewish New Year. It is marked by prayers of self-reflection and festivities with loved ones. Because many of the Rosh Hashanah customs are faith-based, and many have to do with celebrating with family and friends, the holiday is rightly described as a combination of the weighty and the joyful. If you are away from loved ones on Rosh Hashanah, send a heartfelt bouquet fromBreen’s Florist to tell them you are thinking of them.

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally an opportunity to look back at the past, confess, and pray penitent prayers. While the holiday does not have an official color associated with it, white is considered appropriate symbolically, as it represents new beginnings, purity, and innocence. For thoughtful floral accents, blue blooms such as delphinium or hydrangea signify divinity and a reverence for the deity of God.

Jewish New Year

Here are some customary Rosh Hashanah traditions:

  • The Yamim Nora’im include the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. The month leading up to this period is meant for contemplation and contrition, and penitential prayers are recited.
  • The shofar, played like a trumpet, is made from a ram’s horn and is used to produce 100 different tones during this period. It is blown each morning for the month preceding, as well as during Rosh Hashanah. The sound of the shofar is meant to rouse the faithful from their sleep and remind them to the coming judgment.
  • Rosh Hashanah is also the day of “Yom Hadin”, known as Judgment day.
  • On Rosh Hashanah, families share challah bread and apple slices, dipped in honey.

If you want to wish your friends and family L’Shanah Tovah (a good year), simply call Breen’s Florist for a meaningful floral design. Send flowers across the miles, or bring an arrangement to dinner. In Houston and Belleaire, we are your best choice for holiday florals.

Wristlets and Boutonnieres for Homecoming


It is no secret that football is a pretty big deal in Texas. All across the Houston area, high schools and universities are planning their homecoming weekend around a big football game. This tradition is believed to have originated at a University of Missouri football game in 1911. The school had planned a celebration, inviting all their alumni back to campus. There were parades and picnics, and it all culminated in a rousing game. To this day, there are various customs depending on the school, and festivities range from parades and cookouts to senior nights and dances. No matter your reason for homecoming flowers, Breen’s Florist has the creations sure to make it more special. homecoming

Whether the recipient is the mom of the star football player, the head cheerleader or your date to the big dance – our corsages and wristlets are designed to help you to add that extra special homecoming touch. Designs can match your dress or your school colors – choose from our predesigned selections or let us know the perfect flowers for your occasion. And to keep the guys looking sharp as well, we are happy to provide matching boutonnieres for any corsage. Even though many dances are not as formal as they once were, there is still reason to celebrate – and flowers are appropriate any time. homecoming

Homecoming weekend gives us many opportunities to surprise someone with flowers – bouquets for the homecoming court, a corsage for your favorite teacher.  As many traditions as there are surrounding this special weekend, there are as many reasons to give flowers. Call Breen’s Florist for all your floral needs, and show your school spirit with beautiful style.

Autumn Colors and Autumn Flowers

autumn flowers

When you think of autumn, what comes to mind? No doubt you have memories of fall festivals or pumpkin picking, sipping hot cider or taking a hayride. But when it comes to a visual representation of the season, it is the colors that come to mind. Rich reds, vivid oranges, bright yellows  – the vistas of the changing leaves and the beauty of the autumn flowers is a sight to behold. When looking for a way to decorate your home or celebrate the season, stop by Breen’s Florist for spectacular floral designs that embody the spirit of the season. autumn flowers

Yellow roses and sunflowers are front and center in this beautiful display named Autumn Unfurled. Orange lilies provide a vivid backdrop, and twigs and leaves finish off the arrangement.  Our Tuscany Bouquet starts with many of the same blooms – yellow roses and sunflowers, orange lilies – but they are designed in a tall vase and accented with exquisite Bells of Ireland; the green flowers add dramatic effect and create a sense that these flowers were fresh picked from the meadow this morning. autumn flowers

Our popular Noir collection showcases vivid flowers in black ceramic containers, which creates a distinct contrast in bright and dark. Sunset Noir is part of our autumn collection and is strikingly beautiful, featuring brilliant orange lilies and roses, bells of Ireland, and yellow sunflowers and unique mums.fall flowers

What is your fall style? Whether you prefer classic sunflowers and daisies or enjoy the sophistication of a more elegant design, Breen’s Florist has the perfect bouquet for you. To decorate with the beauty of autumn flowers, we are your local Houston source for the blooms and colors that will bring all the ambiance of the season into your home – shop all of our Fall Collection online.

Grandparent’s Day Gifts Share the Love

grandparent's day gifts There are few relationships more precious than the one between grandparents and grandchildren. Our grandparents give unconditional love, without the everyday stressors that can sometimes get in the way. They are our closest confidants, our loyal friends, and our greatest support system. Since the beginning of time, grandparents have been esteemed in the family, and on September 11, it is our turn to honor them. Grandparent’s Day gifts give us the opportunity to return some of the love they have always lavished on us. Breen’s Florist is happy to help you to pick out the perfect bouquet or plant to express your heartfelt sentiments. grandparent's day gifts

Is there anyone as beautiful, inside and out, as your grandmother? Our Lovely Lace bouquet exudes as much grace and beauty as she does, and is a sweet reminder of how much you love her. This dainty design is filled with pastel stock, roses, and hydrangea and wrapped in lace. She will be so proud to display this gift from the heart. If you have small children and want to send a gift from them, how about sending this pink arrangement complete with a teddy bear hug? Pink is traditionally the color of devotion, and the plush toy adds the whimsy only a grandchild inspires.grandparent's day gifts

To decorate Grandpa’s den or office, how about a desktop spathiphyllum plant? This compact rendering of the peace lily plant is perfect for any space and brings all the benefits green plants are known to bestow. And don’t tell Grandma, but add on our popular Chocoholics Basket for pure decadent enjoyment, with plenty to share.
grandparent's day gifts

If your grandparents live in the Houston or Belleaire area, stop by our shop, pick our a gift and head over to see
them. After all, on Grandparent’s Day the very best thing you can give them is the gift of your time. The second best thing is a gorgeous gift from Breen’s Florist.

Inspiring Romance with Flowers

inspiring romance

August is National Romance Month. And while we understand that some people are naturally more romantic than others, this month gives everyone the chance to express their feelings to the person they love. At Breen’s Florist, we know that inspiring romance is as easy as having a bouquet of flowers delivered, but what should you send? If you live in Houston or Bellaire, our professional floral designers have many ideas for you. After all, we have seen many acts of true love over the years!

inspiring romance

Breen’s Florist has some creative customers, and they have inspired ideas guaranteed to keep the romance alive. In honor of National Romance Month, we’d like to share some of the love stories we have heard over the years.

  • Bring a single rose home to your wife once a week. This will guarantee she always has a reminder of your love, freshly cut and in bloom.
  • Have our professionals design a bouquet of flowers that is meaningful to you as a couple – for instance, spoil her with the same flowers you brought to her on your first date, to prove that the memory is special to you.


  • Show us your wedding photos, and our designers will create a replica of her bridal flowers. Bring to a romantic dinner, and surprise her with your thoughtfulness.
  • Work with Breen’s Florist to deliver flowers to an unexpected place – during dinner at your favorite restaurant, or to a park bench as you talk. The surprise delivery is sure to melt her heart, and shouts your love for her to the world.

inspiring romance

Flowers inspiring romance are just a call away. During the month of August, celebrate National Romance Month with roses, orchids or lilies from Breen’s Florist.

Teacher and Classroom Gifts They’ll Love

classroom giftFrom Houston to Bellaire, teachers are preparing for the return of students after a long and relaxing summer.  As exciting as it is, back-to-school can be a tough adjustment for everyone involved. Whether or not the children are  ready to come back, the educators have been decorating classrooms and writing lesson plans throughout the summer months. In order to thank them for all their work already, as well as to wish them a great school year, classroom gifts are the perfect way to let them know you support them.

classroom gifts

Encouragement comes in many forms, be it flowers, plants or gift baskets. For instance, these lovely calla lilies will make a dramatic addition to the teacher’s desk on the first day of school; you may also wish to send this graceful arrangement to the school administrators to display at the front desk to greet visitors as they enter. For a more simple display that will fit easily and elegantly on the teacher’s desk, this classic orchid plant will earn top grades.

classroom giftsDue to their ability to stimulate productivity and encourage better concentration, green plants make excellent classroom gifts. This desktop spathiphyllum, more commonly known as a peace lily, will filter toxins from the air – and will thrive when positioned in indirect sunlight. The kids will love watching the trademark white flower bloom, and this beautiful plant will likely become a classroom favorite. Potted attractively in moss and rocks, the teacher may even be able to use for a science lesson!

classroom gifts

Don’t forget to send gifts to your college students as well – whether a green plant for their dorm room or a gourmet gift basket for late night studying! There are so many reasons at this time of the year to show your support and give good wishes. At Breen’s Florist, we would love to help. Browse our site, or come in to speak with one of our professional designers. We hope all teachers and students have a fantastic year.

Unique August Birthstone Flowers

august birthstone flowersThe popular tradition of sending a birthday bouquet that reflects that month’s birthstone is especially fun in the month of August, when the beautiful and intriguing peridot is showcased. Although it may not be a household name, the peridot is an ancient gemstone that was treasured as far back as the Pharaohs. Often called the “poor man’s emerald”, the jewel is anything but – the peridot is found in gorgeous shades ranging from lime green to olive green, most often with tints of gold. The darker stones are referred to as olivine and are considered the most valuable in the family. The floral designers at Breen’s Florist have created memorable August birthstone flowers that are sure to delight your birthday honorees.

August birthstone flower

When choosing a flower birthday gift, you have available some truly exotic and unique flowers to represent the birthstone, much like the jewel itself. Perhaps one of the most popular flowers chosen to reflect the peridot are green cymbidium orchids – not only is the striking color of the flowers a perfect match, but the rare beauty of these blooms is just as precious. The flower itself represents love, beauty and refinement, and combined with bamboo, river rocks or curly willow, they make a perfect birthday gift that will bring grace to any home or office.

August birthstone flowers

If you are looking for something a little more whimsical, try combining green roses, button poms, carnations and chrysanthemums and offset the arrangement with white lilies. This eye-catching floral design embodies all the colors and spirit of the peridot birthstone, in a living and gorgeous birthday bouquet.

Breen’s Florist is your premiere choice in Houston for birthday floral designs, as well as flowers for any occasion on your calendar! Call us today to order a special August birthstone floral bouquet for the special people in your life.

New Moon Roses

new moon rosesAt Breen’s Florist, we are dedicated to being more than just your everyday florist. Our floral designers are artists, always looking for new ways to bring beauty to your life through flowers. Whether it be new hybrids or striking and dramatic arrangements, we love surprising our clients. It is in this spirit that we are excited to introduce you to our new signature variety, the New Moon Rose.

new moon rosesRoses are a beloved flower, and purple one of the most regal colors of the spectrum – yet until now, the two didn’t truly coexist. The rare occurrence of purple in nature has given it a reputation for being mysterious and coveted. Throughout history, purple was worn only by royalty, and the color is known to represent wealth, extravagance, wisdom, dignity and grandeur. It is thought to enhance feelings of peace and spirituality and has even been considered magical in many circles. The majority of purple flowers in nature tend towards lilac or lavender, making this rose a truly exotic choice for your loved one.

new moon rosesThe New Moon Rose exhibits the darkest natural purple hue available to date, and the uniqueness of this bloom doesn’t end there. This special variety has been bred to have a trademark pointed petal shape, and the roses are also longer lasting. To add drama to this exquisite rose, the shading at the tips is very dark, almost black. There are only a very small number of select farms growing this rose, making its availability very limited – but Breen’s Florist is thrilled to be able to deliver you this special rose. Who in your life deserves an exclusive bouquet?

new moon rosesBreen’s is making this exclusive rose available this summer in stunning arrangements and artistic designs created by our Houston-based experts. Whether paired with orchids, calla lilies or standing on their own, these displays are just as special as the flower they showcase. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to deliver a masterpiece; be the first to send New Moon Roses from Breen’s Florist.