How To Set Your Thanksgiving Table

As we approach Thanksgiving, Breen’s Florist is asking ourselves, what does a modern Thanksgiving look like?

We cherish this holiday maybe more than any other. The way it captures our collective gratitude and makes an event out of it. The way it relies on family and friends gathered together, eating home-cooked food and sharing stories. These are the aspects of the holiday that will never change, even as so many of us are putting a modern spin on how it’s done overall.

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How To Make A Stylish Fall Tablescape

There’s no better way to get excited for Fall than by immersing yourself in a project that captures its spirit. And what better project than the design of your Fall table? Whether you’re doing some autumn entertaining, updating the decor of your dining room for the season or looking ahead to how you’ll style Thanksgiving, creating a beautiful seasonal tablescape starts with the centerpiece. Read on to find Breen’s top tips for tablescaping.

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All Of Autumn’s Glorious Textures In A Vase

Fall texture–is there anything better?

We’re talking layered, spicy scents and nubby, cozy blankets. A wreath abundant with autumn leaves, branches and pine cones, a mantel laden with candles. Breen’s Florist knows that Fall decorating is about enticing the senses, filling your home with things that not only please the eye, but that appeal to smell and touch. It’s the latter that we’re focusing on today, and in the form of a rich, organic-feeling floral design.

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Spooky and Spectacular Floral Designs For Halloween

Halloween here at Breen’s Florist, and we hope you don’t scare easily because we’ve got some delightfully frightful designs in the shop. Care to craft a bewitching table this year? Looking to beguile that special someone? Want to give the little pretties a little something fun? Then come a little closer and take a peek, we dare you.

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Fall For It

Fall flowers in Houston Texas

Breen’s Florist – Changing Seasons

It’s 95 degrees outside, humidity snuggles in at approximately 50% and we are just a few days away from … you guessed it …FALL!

In as much as fall is a welcomed and beloved seasonal change synonymous with football, leaves changing color and lower temperatures; in Houston and surrounding areas this season is more of an idea, or, a suggestion. Heck, it’s an outright fantasy most days! In fact, it will still be hot, sticky and sweaty well into the next weeks (and maybe months) while much of the nation settles into this wonderful the-colors-are-a-changing time of year.   

So what’s a fall-lover to do if Houston is your home? Here at Breen’s Florist we have very good news for you – not so good for your overworked home and auto air conditioners per se – but good for you.

It's fall in Houston and time to send flowers

Breen’s Florist – Autumn Day

Since the season is perhaps most cherished for the leaves changing into their autumn best, we have many ways to bring fall foliage and flowers directly into your homes, offices and social events. Best of all, Breen’s Fall Collection designs are replete in the coloration and textures that only fall can claim. You and your recipients will instantly fall in love (pun intended) with the warm and earthy color palettes of rust, red, cinnamon, pumpkin, gold, cranberry and chocolate brown that are highlighted in our arrangements;  Fall Brights, Warm Amber, Changing Seasons, Wild About Autumn, Fall Crock and Amber Lights, to name a few. Breen’s is already receiving bi-weekly shipments of the most gorgeous leaves, branches and fall flower varieties that sooth the soul and spark a re-energized creativity in us all. 

If you long for cooler temps and changing colors outside like most, then we suggest keeping the AC on for now and treating yourself and loved ones immediately to one of our many stunning fall inspired arrangements. After all, you don’t have to travel up north to experience the powerful connection to Mother Nature this time of year when it can be simply be delivered to your own front door. Call Breen’s today and let the fall begin!   


Birthstone Collection – Citrine (November)

Citrine, which comes from the French word “citron”, means lemon. While the Citrine birthstone is seen as a little darker than a lemon, its color is more of a honey color. This is why Breen’s Florist uses an array of yellow tones in our Citrine birthstone arrangement.

The yellow stardust roses we use in this arrangement are a true yellow while the alstromeria creates the honey coloring throughout the arrangement.

When looking at the healing properties of the Citrine stone, happiness, prosperity, and strength are all visible in our design. The brightness of the arrangement brings out the happiness; prosperity is seen within the roses as they were once considered the flower of luxury; and the accents like alstromeria are hearty and long lasting florals to empower the strength of the gemstone.

Besides being November’s birthstone, it is also the 13th anniversary gemstone. During the art deco period between the world wars, the Citrine was sought after and many were used in many of the large display pieces. Even Hollywood starlets like Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo wore citrines as a sign of society.

Nowadays, citrine is more common. In fact, it is so common that it is now a popular stone for budget-minded women. As shoppers are being drawn to what is “retro”, citrine is getting a resurgence of popularity.

At Breen’s Florist, we love that this stone goes hand in hand with the autumn season. It allows us to use copper-birch leaves as accents to bring the warmth of autumn to this month of birthdays. Don’t forget about new babies being born this month too. The citrine babies will be motivated, creative, and self-expressed. Let’s celebrate those qualities with our Citrine Birthstone arrangement.

The Citrine will only be available through November 30th. Order today for everyone you know who is having a birthday this month.

Autumn Colors and Autumn Flowers

autumn flowers

When you think of autumn, what comes to mind? No doubt you have memories of fall festivals or pumpkin picking, sipping hot cider or taking a hayride. But when it comes to a visual representation of the season, it is the colors that come to mind. Rich reds, vivid oranges, bright yellows  – the vistas of the changing leaves and the beauty of the autumn flowers is a sight to behold. When looking for a way to decorate your home or celebrate the season, stop by Breen’s Florist for spectacular floral designs that embody the spirit of the season. autumn flowers

Yellow roses and sunflowers are front and center in this beautiful display named Autumn Unfurled. Orange lilies provide a vivid backdrop, and twigs and leaves finish off the arrangement.  Our Tuscany Bouquet starts with many of the same blooms – yellow roses and sunflowers, orange lilies – but they are designed in a tall vase and accented with exquisite Bells of Ireland; the green flowers add dramatic effect and create a sense that these flowers were fresh picked from the meadow this morning. autumn flowers

Our popular Noir collection showcases vivid flowers in black ceramic containers, which creates a distinct contrast in bright and dark. Sunset Noir is part of our autumn collection and is strikingly beautiful, featuring brilliant orange lilies and roses, bells of Ireland, and yellow sunflowers and unique mums.fall flowers

What is your fall style? Whether you prefer classic sunflowers and daisies or enjoy the sophistication of a more elegant design, Breen’s Florist has the perfect bouquet for you. To decorate with the beauty of autumn flowers, we are your local Houston source for the blooms and colors that will bring all the ambiance of the season into your home – shop all of our Fall Collection online.

Infuse Your Home this Thanksgiving With Fall Warmth Through Colorful Floral Arrangements

thanksgivingOn November 26, the country will celebrate another Thanksgiving holiday. Even though Houston doesn’t get to enjoy the spectacular colors that are synonymous with fall and New England, the season is upon us, and in true Texas style, we celebrate Thanksgiving on a grand scale. After all, everything is bigger in Texas. Our floral design team here at Breen’s Florist is ready to help you bring the beauty of autumn into your home as you fill it with flowers in classic fall colors.

Thanksgiving as we know it began in 1620, along the Atlantic coast of England at Plymouth where 102 people boarded the Mayflower for their journey to the New World. The trip took 66-days, and the vessel veered far off course. They wound up on the easternmost tip of Cape Cod. Their intended destination was the mouth of the Hudson River, presumably where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

After spending a month of Cape Cod, everyone boarded the ship, and they crossed Massachusetts Bay, ending up at Plymouth Rock. They settled in the area around the historic Plimoth Plantation site. The new colonists stayed on the ship all winter. They weren’t able to build suitable accommodations because they didn’t have the tools or supplies. More importantly, however, they didn’t have enough food to keep everyone alive until they could forage, hunt, fish or plant food to provide the entire colony with sustenance.

Thanks to a chance meeting with an Abenaki Indian who spoke English, the settlers were introduced to Squanto, an English-speaking Indian who would teach them how to survive by explaining what wild plants were edible, what to avoid, how to fish, hunt and how and what to plant.

By the fall of 1621, they were able to harvest the food crops they had planted. The colony’s governor, William Bradford, decided that a celebratory feast was in order. He invited Squanto, members of the Wampanoag Indian tribe and their chief. Historians think of that memorable feast as the nation’s first Thanksgiving celebration.

In 1863, while the country was fighting the bloodiest war on American soil, President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation, thereby creating the Thanksgiving holiday that is celebrated in November.

We believe that your home and your Thanksgiving dinner table ought to reflect the spirit of this holiday — a fall feast of Thanksgiving for the abundance of food, and the delight we take in celebrating with our loved ones. Embrace the warmth of the season and bring that earthiness into your home with fall floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Our Bountiful Bouquet is a tribute to the season in all its glory. We arrange Asiatic lilies, burgundy mini carnations, and butterscotch-colored daisy pompoms. We add preserved oak leaves and goldenrod for accent. The arrangement comes in a seasonal keepsake pumpkin.


Send Your Messages of Eternal Commitment With Dahlias

dahliasDid you know that the Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico? The Aztecs handled teaching the world about Dahlias. The spectacular modern Dahlias that we love to incorporate into our floral designs are indigenous to the Mexican and Guatemalan mountains.


The Spanish conquistadors learned about them when they came to conquer the Aztec Indians. When they weren’t fighting, they amused themselves by discovering the impressive range of plants that grew in the area. Dahlias weren’t introduced to Europe until 1789.


We aren’t sure when they came to America (or more specifically, to the United States.) American Garden writers were writing about the majestic flower in the 1840s. In the 1870s, a new dahlia variety was introduced to the world — the cactus dahlia.


In 1927, a man by the name of F.F. Rockwell suggested that dahlias were the most popular bulb grown in all of America. He referred to them as the leading bulb.


Finders Keepers

Houstonians are fortunate to live in a climate where Dahlias are hardy enough to stay in the ground all winter. The Farmer’s Almanac says that they’re hardy in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 11. We love the diversity of sizes and shapes that dahlias come in. Our Finders Keepers arrangement is a perfect example of how well they blend with other flowers in a Houston flower garden. These spectacular cut flowers go well with the combination of roses, larkspur, daisies, Gerbera daisies, and lilies. You can see the beautiful big dahlias nestled among the other summery flowers.


Send that special someone a secret message through dahlias. The practice of communicating through flowers was a huge trend during the Victorian Era. We love the fact that vestiges of that delightful practice remain today. Dahlias suggest elegance. They are also a sign of eternal commitment. Not surprisingly, they’re used in wedding bouquets because a wedding is a celebration of the beginning of that eternal commitment.


Dahlias also convey sentiments of enduring grace. If you want someone to know that you’re sharing deeply meaningful blessings with them, dahlias are THE flower to send. Dahlias are symbols of creativity, inner strength, and a commitment to spiritual values. In numerology, Dahlia represents the number 1. If you embrace Eastern spirituality, the Dahlia represents the third eye and the crown chakras.


Don’t wait to show someone how committed you are to enduring love. Deliver your message with dahlias. Our team of Breen’s Florist floral designers are always delighted to help people share messages through flowers, and dahlias are one of our favorites.



You Will Love These Fall Flowers

fall flowersAlthough the official start of autumn isn’t until Wednesday, September 23rd, there’s no reason we can’t start decorating with fall colors the moment September arrives. When the kids go back to school, we trade scorching summer days for warm autumn evenings and the “fall back” of the time change. Fall flowers from Breen’s Florist are a beautiful way to usher in the season even if Houston doesn’t always cooperate with crisp autumn temperatures.

What are the Official Flowers of Autumn?

One of the most popular flowers of fall is the chrysanthemum, and it’s the official birthday flower for November. You’ll start seeing baskets of mums sitting on doorsteps, and they’re a popular feature for holiday decorations throughout the fall. Asters, lilies, and gerbera daisies are also perfect fall blooms. Imagine a vivid flower arrangement in bold primary colors like red and yellow with lilies, daisies, and asters.

fall flowers

Citrus Noir

Did you know that asters are the official flower of September? If you’re planning a party for September, or you have a friend with a September birthday, send them a vase that features asters. Marigolds are the official flower of October, and November owns the chrysanthemum as its birthday flower. For a gift, you might also choose an indoor green plant like a pothos plant that will remain vibrantly green throughout the season and into the new year.

fall flowers

Pothos Pole Ivy

Adding Fall Flowers to Your Party

One of the best ways to choose your autumn flowers is to concentrate on the vibrant colors associated with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. You might envision vibrant orange and yellow cornucopias and tri-color candy corn in the form of yellow gerbera daisies and bright orange roses. Or, celebrate the fall apple harvest with a beautiful arrangement of sunflowers and roses surrounded by red apples.

fall flowers

Apple Harvest

If you’re looking for the perfect flower for a casual gift or for decoration during a party with close friends, you may want to consider the gerbera daisy. An arrangement of peach, crimson, and lemon gerbera daisies will look beautiful on a table or desk, and they’re the perfect gift at work for a friend who has a fall birthday.

fall flowers

Dizzy Daisy

As the gardens around our homes start resting for the season, it’s time to start decorating inside with flowers for autumn. Any flower that’s bright and vibrant is a perfect bloom for the season. This year, make sure your celebrations, birthdays, and holidays feature beautiful fall flowers.