College Care Packages for Every Student

college care packages

They are millions of college students heading back to campus this fall, and each of them has their own experience ahead of them. Whether your particular student is a few miles away or across the country, they will love answering their door to welcome a gift from you. After all, we never really outgrow a little hug from home when we are facing new challenges. You’ve got great kids, and when it comes to sending college care baskets, no one does it better than Breen’s Florist. Check out our website for gift baskets designed for your very special student.

college care packagesThe Coffee Addict – We love coffee anytime, but late night study sessions require caffeine! Let them make their favorite coffee right in their own dorm room with this direct ship basket of Starbucks coffee and biscotti.

The Dorm Room Picnic – There will be no starving students when you send our Cheeseboard Complete gift package. Crackers, cheese, nuts, and waters are the perfect fare for an all-night cram session.

The Health Nut – For your student who craves a healthier option, our selection of fruit baskets is likely to satisfy. Fresh and Juicy not only delivers fruit but also wheat grass – its a juice bar in a box!

The Chocoholic – Let’s face it, there are just times in life when you need chocolate! There are very few problems college gift baskets
that indulging in chocolate can’t solve – so if your student is experiencing a bit of homesickness, or is trying to adapt to his new schedule, this basket will provide delicious comfort.

Storage Included – Space is often at a premium in dorm rooms, so the fact that many of our gift baskets come in beautiful baskets that can be utilized as storage containers once the contents are gone.

The Spa Treatment – College can be stressful, so what better way to calm nerves than with a beautiful spa basket? Fragrant body butters, dusting powders, spa soaps, lotions and hydrating lip balms are combined with tea and cookies for a perfect break in routine.

Every student is different, and there is a gift for each one of them. Whether to help them study or to calm their nerves, a gift from home is sure to do the trick. In Houston and Belleair, your one stop college gift shop is Breen’s Florist. 


Teacher and Classroom Gifts They’ll Love

classroom giftFrom Houston to Bellaire, teachers are preparing for the return of students after a long and relaxing summer.  As exciting as it is, back-to-school can be a tough adjustment for everyone involved. Whether or not the children are  ready to come back, the educators have been decorating classrooms and writing lesson plans throughout the summer months. In order to thank them for all their work already, as well as to wish them a great school year, classroom gifts are the perfect way to let them know you support them.

classroom gifts

Encouragement comes in many forms, be it flowers, plants or gift baskets. For instance, these lovely calla lilies will make a dramatic addition to the teacher’s desk on the first day of school; you may also wish to send this graceful arrangement to the school administrators to display at the front desk to greet visitors as they enter. For a more simple display that will fit easily and elegantly on the teacher’s desk, this classic orchid plant will earn top grades.

classroom giftsDue to their ability to stimulate productivity and encourage better concentration, green plants make excellent classroom gifts. This desktop spathiphyllum, more commonly known as a peace lily, will filter toxins from the air – and will thrive when positioned in indirect sunlight. The kids will love watching the trademark white flower bloom, and this beautiful plant will likely become a classroom favorite. Potted attractively in moss and rocks, the teacher may even be able to use for a science lesson!

classroom gifts

Don’t forget to send gifts to your college students as well – whether a green plant for their dorm room or a gourmet gift basket for late night studying! There are so many reasons at this time of the year to show your support and give good wishes. At Breen’s Florist, we would love to help. Browse our site, or come in to speak with one of our professional designers. We hope all teachers and students have a fantastic year.